15th  October

This morning, Sr Marta Guitart shared with us what has been done and what is planned to be done in order to preserve the historic memory of our Congregation kept in the Archives.












After that, following the inspiration of the Exodus, we journeyed together and we reflected:

1.- “We listened to God’s voice telling us like in the Exodus, “Go out, set out in a journey”: Which attitudes are necessary to journey as one apostolic body?  How can we balance dialogue and obedience, calls as apostolic body and personal calls ?

2.- The dynamic of the Exodus leading us to God and to the others fills us with joy and meaning ; however, when we walk in the desert, we meet with temptations : What prevents me from beginning the journey? What idols have I built that “protect” me from listening to God?

3.- And in spite of that, we have perceived and experienced that God is faithful to his promises “ I will be with you”. What signs of the presence of God have I discovered ?  What is he inviting me to ?



The journey begun by Claudine continues in us and through us ; as we walk, we incarnate mercy, goodness, forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing in the reality of the Church and of the world.

We continue our inner journey as well as our outside one, walking without fear where God is leading us.

We concluded our day with a missioning Eucharistic Celebration ; we were sent to continue the journey.










Thank you to our sisters Jenny Burke, Linda Abicha, Lourdes Várguez and Caterina Loconte who helped for the translation of this page.