Participation in UNANIMA

In the General Chapter of the Religious of Jesus and Mary celebrated in Rome in October 2001, the possibility of forming part of an NGO was studied to defend the rights of women and children before the United Nations.

The 34th General Chapter approved our participation as a Congregation in this NGO called “INTERNATIONAL UNANIMA”.

Sister Josée Therrien RJM of the Province of Canada represents us at present in the coalition.

What is UNANIMA?

It is an NGO dedicated to attain the goals of the Charter of the United Nations for social and economic progress of all peoples.

  • Working for peace and human dignity,
  • Seeking to bring about a structural change by means of concrete actions,

Seeking to have a world:

  • Where the rights of women, children, – boys and girls – are respected;
  • Where justice and respect for the international law protects the indigenous people, the migrants, and the refugees;
  • Where all peoples take care and protect our planet;
  • Where social development is promoted.

UNANIMA is: a Spirit, a Mission, a Hope in the heart of the UN.

Campaigns being carried out at present:

To stop human traffic of women, of children – boys and girls
The Campaign intends to:

  • To affirm the dignity of all human beings;
  • To eliminate the factors that lead to the traffic of human beings and global prostitution;
  • To change the language that minimizes the importance and dehumanizes the reality of women, of children, girls and boys;
  • To have a public campaign of comprehensive awareness that relates the demand with human traffic;
  • To promote the implementation of effective laws that will criminalize the buyers of sex.

Water = Life
The Campaign intends to:

  • To create or Project the Access to the water of life, it is a right of all forms of life in the planet.
  • To implement a global ethics that takes into account the provision or supply of drinking water for every person as well as the harmful phenomena for the ecosystems.
  • To affirm that water as a public common good should not be commercialized and should be preserved at all times.
  • To develop a network of promotion of the link between water and life and generate places for promotion.