Pray with us for the intentions of the Pope, for the intentions of the Congregation and for the needs of the countries in which we are present, as well as for all those suffering. We ask you to join us in praying for urgent realities of our world, for peace, pardon, healing and reconciliation.

Prayer unites us, strengthens our faith and moves us to make God present in a world which today, more than ever, needs witnesses of peace, goodness and pardon. We propose to have creative spaces of prayer in the family, among Friends and collaborators of JM, in the groups of the AFJM, in our apostolic works.

oRACION cLAUDINASaint Claudine Thévenet


God our Father, You granted Saint Claudine Thévenet an intimate experience of your merciful goodness and you called her to dedicated her life to the education of the young, giving her the grace to draw from the Heart of your Son an ardent zeal to make Jesus and Mary known and loved.

Help us, like her, to be witnesses to your love, given over to the action of the Spirit and open to the needs of our brothers and sisters, especially the most deprived. Gran us, through her intercession, and for the praise of your glory the grace for which we now pray (to tell the intention).

– With ecclesiastical approval