To be RJM is to experience that God loves and calls us. This is the foundation of our consecration in the Congregation of the Religious of Jesus and Mary. It is the following of Jesus and the living out of the Charism that we have inherited from Saint Claudine Thévenet, something that fills us that makes us happy and that impels us to choose this state of life so as to place ourselves at the service of Jesus, of His Kingdom, of the Church and of our brothers and sisters (Cf. C 4 y 13, AC 1 y EE 46, 145 y 147).  For this reason we wish to tell you that:

To be a Religious of Jesus and Mary

  • Is a concrete way to respond to the invitation that Jesus addresses to you to love Him more and serve Him better in this world wounded by violence, war, inequity, inequality, injustice and poverty.
  • It is to commit your life and personal talents in the construction of a world where the presence of God, peace, justice, pardon and reconciliation will allow us to make this world a place inhabitable for all.
  • It is an invitation to allow you to be touched by God and be moved, like Saint Claudine Thévenet, by the miseries of our time to respond by a simple, joyful and generous life placed at the service of all men and women, especially the poorest.

Join RJM implies the audacity to dare to seek your way. It is to dare to live the experience to go through your life holding God’s hand, of God who loves you and calls you in a personal way. It is to go through a way of searching, of clarifying your vocation concern, and of continuous discernment to respond to the invitation that the Lord addresses to you to love Him more, to follow and serve Him. It is to follow a personal process that will help you to grow in faith, hope and charity, freedom, maturity commitment and depth.

The steps of this process are:

  • To experience and discover that God calls you to live Religious life in Community for the mission, and to have the desire to respond to this invitation.
  • To follow a process of “vocation accompaniment”
  • To have an “experience” in some religious community of JM (This experience may or may not be held in the different Provinces)
  • Postulancy (1 to2 years)
  • Novitiate (2) and Ignatian Spiritual Exercises of one month
  • Temporary Profession
  • Intensive Juniorate
  • Perpetual Profession
  • Tertianship and Ignatian Spiritual Exercises of one month (6 months)
  • Return to the Sources (3 months)
  • Permanent Formation

If you are interested in knowing us better you may contact the religious in charge of vocations in each country or write to  info@rjmgeneral.

“the two disciples heard what He said and followed Jesus.

 Jesus turned round, saw them following and said, ‘What do you want?’

They answered, ‘where do you live?’ He replied, ‘Come and see’;

so they went and saw where he lived, and stayed with him

(Jn 1: 37-39)