The Religious of Jesus and Mary are a group of women from different countries of the world who have committed themselves in the service of children, youth, the Church and the Gospel as our Mother Foundress did. Our Congregation, of Pontifical Right and Ignatian Spirituality, was founded by Saint Claudine Thévenet in Lyon, France, on October 6, 1818.

Following the footsteps of Claudine, we want to be witnesses of Pardon and Mercy for all, but especially for children, – boys and girls – young people, the poor and the abandoned, seeing in them the hope that makes us recognize in every person the promise and manifestation of the goodness of God.

This is why, according to the apostolic style of Claudine, we serve the Church and the world through formal and informal education, the missions and different pastoral ministries (catechesis, youth and vocation pastoral ministry, prisons and health pastoral ministry).

We also collaborate with other Congregations and Institutions which, like us, are committed to the defense of Life, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation; the construction of a culture of Peace, Pardon and Reconciliation, as well as the promotion of Human rights, especially of girls and women.