Closing of the encounter of Formation

October 21, 2014

JM formadorasTHE WAY


20 days ago, we began to travel together, holding Claudine’s hand; it has been a way of sacred earth where the Spirit has spoken to our hearts making us feel that we are one apostolic body.

Jm formators

The day of the closing of the encounter was a day full of symbolism.  God has allowed us to find him in every gesture, and in every word that was shared.

JM formatricesWe have ended this experience celebrating and sharing life, contemplating the Icon of the Visitation we have seen the great things that God has done in each one of us.  With gratitude we bring back to our hearts the road that we have travelled and, like Sisters of Jesus and Mary, aware that we form one apostolic body, we have felt that we were sent out to continue our work of formation with great illusion and enthusiasm.