Jesus dies on the Cross

As we contemplate the death of Jesus, we contemplate God incarnate in our reality, who continues to lay down His life and die.

Poverty means Mario’s childhood days are far from being carefree.  Without the support of his parents, it is he, who from a young age, provides for his two younger siblings.  He does not go to school because he has to work.  He shines shoes in the city of El Alto.  His days are full of hardship; he feels the cold and hunger.

One in three women suffer physical or sexual violence.  In 2020, 113 femicides were registered – 57 were under 18 years of age.  Lockdown exposes the vulnerability of the victims who find themselves obliged to remain at home with their aggressors.  And so, the place that is normally a safe place, becomes a place where all kinds of violence are endured.

The health system is fragile and wanting.  Infant mortality rates are among the highest in the region.  Once again, the pandemic reveals the dire conditions of the hospitals.

Like Claudine, surrounded by so many signs of death, we are called to sow life and hope.