Jesus is taken down from the Cross

 Joseph of Arimathea’s greatest act of love was to take Jesus down from the Cross and place him in his mother’s arms.

Many of our brothers and sisters today are tasked with “un-nailing” and “un-crucifying” others.  Presently in our country however there is one task that cannot be postponed: EDUCATION, FORMATION.  We need to help children and young people find meaning in their lives.  This is what the Religious of Jesus and Mary did for me, at a time when it seemed like the only option available to me was to join the groups who achieved everything by crucifying others, including me.  The sisters taught me how to read and bring the Gospel to the lives of the young people in our city.  This is how I learned that I could come down from the Cross and help to “unnail” others from their lives of carelessness, misery and laxity by being leaven, salt and light wherever I am.

Today more than ever, St. Claudine’s legacy to reach out to others with a mother’s heart, is relevant and real.  Even the law must be enforced with a mother’s heart.  A heart that is loving but firm and able to fashion men and women of integrity who know their dignity as children of God and who recognise the dignity of others and treat them as brothers and sisters.  This is the only way for us to move towards universal fraternity.