Sr. Monica Joseph RJM participated in the Plenary Assembly of the International Union of Superiors General which is held every three years from 9th to 13th May 2016. This year, the Assembly closed the fiftieth anniversary celebrations of the UISG. With joy we can say that it was the idea of our ex- Superior General, Sr. Rosario Arañó in 1966. She was the first President of UISG.

870 Superiors Generals coming from around the world gathered to reflect and share on the theme of the Assembly, WEAVING GLOBAL SOLIDARITY FOR LIFE, through various excellent presentations. The main speakers were: Sr. Carol Zinn CSJ, spoke on Crossing the Threshold, Sr. Mary Sujita SND on Solidarity for life on the periphery and Sr. Marian Ambrosio IDPI Living and witnessing as apostolic religious women.

In summary we were invited to the call to live Solidarity for life in the peripheries which was defined from three important dimensions of our mission: interfaith dialogue, interculturality and solidarity with the poor in the fight for their dignity. Congregations working together globalize solidarity and hope; to do this, we need to establish new relationships, share our charism and our mission, beyond our institutional and national boundaries.

In our world as religious, we must convert our minds to have a broader look; our heart to establish reciprocal relationships and our will to be witnesses in our common house that is Earth.

Deepening the sense of our mission, the question of “how we act and live,” above “what we do or why” is showing our identity and the radicalism of our discipleship. It also guides the place for our presence; there where our charism shows more clearly. The future that God is defining for religious life is perceived through concrete signs: the mystical experience, circular relationships among us, the mission that irradiates the charism, and ongoing formation that initiates, accompanies and confirms.

Other RJMs participated actively in the Assembly. Sr. Yudith Pereira, as the representative of Solidarity with South Sudan, participated and explained the project, which belongs to both Unions of Superiors General, male and female. It is a living testimony of solidarity between congregations in the peripheries. Sr. Yudith had a special moment with the Holy Father during the Audience(photo).  Sr. Carmen Aymar, as the legal representative of the UISG and Sr. Sheetal Panpatil collaborated in the English liturgy for the assembly.

Pope Francis again showed his immense capacity of acceptance and respect of women’s religious life during the audience with the Assembly. Questions were asked about the place of women in the Church, and he welcomed the idea of ​​creating a commission to study and deepen the ministry of women within the Church.

At the end of the Assembly, Sr.Monica Joseph RJM was elected to the Executive Board of the Union of Superiors Generals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sr. Yudith Pereira RJM.


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