Together we have begun a journey of transformation of mind and heart through personal and community reflection to which we are invited by the “Building Bridges” program. At the same time, we believe that it is necessary and we want to go forward with actions that are complementary, and to grow in the consciousness of being one apostolic body and family.
In this phase of the development of the strategic plan we want to take a further step in the process of the reconfiguration of the Congregation, as proposed in Line 3 of the Strategic Plan: Prepare some scenarios to organize the provinces, delegations, projects …

This new step is an invitation:

  • to bring some realities closer together,
  • to collaborate and network,
  • to consolidate a reconfiguration process that goes from personal to community level and from there to a global vision of the Congregation,
  • to revitalize our life and strengthen the Mission.

We have highlighted four aspects to take into account:

  • Presences and projects to consolidate
  • Areas to expand
  • Criteria and ways of proceeding
  • Involvement of Companions in mission and volunteers.

We propose to explore new forms of collaboration based on exchange, shared searches and projects open to new presences.
A possible scenario: Collaboration networks at the service of consolidation and expansion involving the provinces and delegations to work on issues or to address needs.