Christ is Risen

On the Sunday morning, the women saw the heavy stone rolled to one side: light had once again entered the dark tomb where they had left Jesus.  He who was Light had opened the tomb!  From the harshest realities, from the most meaningless situations, from the most intense pain, the Resurrection is born.

We know that life opens up a path through every situation; but it is difficult to see how that LIGHT can enter when everything is so dark.  Resurrection means keeping hope alive.  It means believing that even in the midst of deep darkness and despair, God is present in mysterious ways.  It is acknowledging that human beings are capable of great good.  It is recognising Him in the tenderness of our brothers and sisters who walk with us.

As we grow in awareness and our senses become more attuned, we discover that love rises even earlier than the sun.  Love is light in the darkness.  Love sees the invisible, the “unbelievable”.  Love does not calculate, it flows abundantly.  In Jesus and Mary, Life and Love open up paths:

  • In gestures of solidarity and other initiatives undertaken by communities and Association of the Family of Jesus and Mary groups in order to help people affected by the pandemic.
  • In the generous response of religious who, in these difficult times, have left their homelands to support the mission in other countries and provinces.
  • In the emergence of shared mission projects established to help the people most in need.
  • In the life witness of the religious who have gone to God before us and through the new vocations that are being born in the Congregation.
  • In the groups of young people committed to voluntary work throughout the world.
  • In the capacity to adapt to new situations through international meetings and formation between religious and lay people from different countries.
  • In learning to wait and to trust despite our sense of fragility.
  • In the mutual care shown between companions in mission.
  • In the acceptance of and respect for vulnerability.

We pray that the Light of the Spirit, who knows how to wait, who chooses to love and to serve, who opts for journeying together with others, never alone, may fill us and help us to continue bearing fruit.