In the General Conference celebrated in Rome from October 1 to 15, we shared the results of the survey on UNANIMA that was sent to all the religious of Jesus and Mary at the beginning of the year. The purpose of this survey was to know our experience that we had in the past as a member Congregation of UNANIMA and to project our commitment and participation in the future.

The Religious of Jesus and Mary form part of UNANIMA from the beginning, in the year 2002, in which 7 feminine religious congregations met together to create a NGO.  At present there are 20 Congregations which form part of it, with over 19,000 Sisters who work in different countries of the world.  Thus, UNANIMA takes to the United Nations, the voices, the concerns and experiences of so many religious who carry out their mission in the field of education, health, social work and human promotion.

During the Conference we dedicated some time to personal and group reflection on the suggestions of the religious given in the survey. Afterwards, we had an Assembly which was of great value, the conclusions of the work of each group were shared in common, and then there was time for dialogue.  The result of this and the suggestions led us to conclude that we appreciate the fact of belonging to UNANIMA and we manifested the desire to continue forming an active part of it. It was stressed as something very positive to form part of a group of religious who, in their daily activity, are committed with the weakest. We also value the possibility that UNANIMA offers us to make its voice heard before the UN through the persons who represent us there.