Acting on a proposal of GC37,in 2020the General Government appointed an international commission on Charism and Spirituality, giving them a mandate to “deepen and publish material relating to the charism and history of our Congregation.” (Post-Chapter Booklet, p. 20) Directed by General Councillors Sr. Shanty George and Sr. Encarna Viarnes, the group also includes Sr. Laura Alvarez, a Spanish RJM serving in Equatorial Guinea, Sr. Ruth Otero of Argentina, presently Superior and Director of Spanish-speaking Tertians in Rome, and Rosemary Mangan of the USA.

From their first meeting, commission members agreed that the Congregation already possesses a wealth of resources from the past. Accordingly, what they have prepared is a framework with guidelines that individuals and groups can use to reflect on how the grace of the charism affects our lives in concrete experiences of relationships, mission, prayer, etc. This tool is flexible and meant to be adaptable to use by varied individuals and groups in different situations.

The material will be presented to Provincials, Delegation superiors, together with those responsible for Formation and the AFJM in a February 25th Zoom meeting. Those attending the meeting will be responsible for determining how best to share it in their area.

Sr. Junkal Guevara of Spain is continuing her work of collecting Congregational documents in view of compiling a comprehensive bibliography of these, as well as making some more widely available by translating them.


Sr. Rosemary Mangan, RJM