Dear Friends, former students, AFJM,

The COVID 19 has affected our lives to a large extent: in the way we live, in our economy and in our health.

Our communities have been reaching out in different ways: to provide food to our own students who would have had their only meal in school, as well as to keep our schools open by providing online classes via Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype…

The pandemic has drastically hit parts of our congre- gation that were already vulnerable. The experience of St. Claudine our foundress of a good God, influ- ences our way of dealing with our brothers and sisters: their pain and anguish is ours too, for we are all inter- related.

Hence the General Government of Jesus and Mary, would like to announce a campaign:

  • To continue giving food to our students and the vul- nerable families

  • To keep our schools open, so as to continue educat- ing our children and youth for the future.

    ¡Jesus and Mary together as never before!

    Mónica Joseph RJM
    Superior General

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