The Jubilee for Prisoners took place in Rome on 6th November 2016.  We were happy to receive and welcome some on the participants in our house. It was for us a way to celebrate the Year of Mercy. We give thanks to Fr. Mariano sj who chose our community to live this event and we share here his own words…

Dear sisters Carmen and community: Once, Jesus met with a Samaritan woman and gave her living water; it was a surprise! You had the opportunity to meet with three Samaritan Women and one Samaritan Man and through your welcome and affection, you gave them living water for ever: isn’t it also a surprise! (those of us accompanying them only have a secondary place).

In your chapel, we held a penitential ceremony using the parable of the merciful Father so that they may feel how God the Father was running to meet with them, how he wanted to cover them with kisses and give them a big hug. This is how we expressed the absolution: I gave them two kisses and I hugged them as a sign of the Kingdom of God.

When we opened the holy door, I told them that it was holy and that we were on sacred land, not because of the door but because of their life; I added that it was such a joy to step on the same land and pass the door together with them. As we were going to the holy door, somebody came to interview them; they expressed so powerfully how they felt loved that those interviewing them were moved to tears.

The Mass with the Pope was a deep moment for them. After the Mass, as we were going to the sacristy with the chasuble, they through themselves in our arms; it was like a new consecration: to be consecrated with them.

After getting wet with the rain, we could finally enter into the church of the Gesù. At Fr Arrupe’s tomb, I was deeply moved and one gypsy woman met with God (her own words).

Thank you for giving us these days full of living water.

Mariano Moragues