This year, at the Generalate, we are preparing for Claudine’s feast in a new way and we wish to tell you about it.

claudinaFor 14 days before 3rd February, we remember in our Evening prayer, one of the Provinces of the Congregation. We have fixed one day for each Province and for the Delegation of Africa. On Tuesday 19th February, we began with Africa, then Argentina, then Bolivia and so on.

We have placed in front of the statue of Claudine, some symbols that help creating the ambiance. Every day, we put there the flag of the country or countries corresponding to the Province for which we are praying.

Evening prayer is prepared with hymns that are typical to the country. We give some information about the countries forming the Province, about the number of religious, the communities, the apostolic mission of the Province… and we present the Province to God.

We offer to the Lord its reality, its joys and hopes, the difficulties, pains and needs of the people as well as the challenges and projects of the Congregation there… and we ask God to accompany the journey of the Province through the intercession of Claudine.