On Sunday, July 19th  we had an enriching meeting via Zoom. The rjm responsible for MEJ-Jesús-María groups from Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Canada met with young leader to share, exchange and  pray together. There were 55 participants: rjms, responsible adults and young people.

The young peopel were full of life, despite the very harsh situation that they live in daily  due to covid.

Personally, I have been touched by the depth of the sharing of young people, their strength – because we know that in Latin America, disease and death from covid are everywhere. As is the case with one of the girls, her uncle passed away just days before the meeting.

The boys and girls have had profound experience of God.  They are personally touched, their choices in relation to the values and the way of living the daily life is transformed, because this God-Friend in Jesus-“Eucharistic Life” transforms life, as it transforms bread and wine. And this experience sends them to the mission, a mission of compassion as the Pope proposes to us through his intentions.

I share in all simplicity, a brief look at the program and some photos.

Thank you very much for living the mission with us dear sisters, for your life and prayer- you and us are together in this mission of “Eucharistic” and “Young” that transforms and is a mission of compassion for the world.

Lourdes Varguez RJM