Jesus and Mary in the WYD 2016, Polandfarodiroma-JMJ-2016, 26 – 31 July in Cracow.

We are sharing some experiences of those who participated in the WYD 2016

Sofía Padilla RJM:A group of pupils of the Jesus and Mary School of Buenos Aires and Cordoba, Argentina, together with religious and teachers, participated in the WYD in Poland.

This has been a very enriching opportunity for all of us.  We have lived the warmth and the nearness of the hospitality of the Polish people who welcomed, received, accompanied and guided us.  We have learnt much from them, from their culture, from their history and from their strength and will power always to rise and continue to move ahead in spite of adversity. We have touched the richness of a Church which is different in colors, flags, languages and which vibrates through its songs, music, prayers dances, by the communion which unites us: faith in Jesus.  We have also allowed ourselves to be challenged by the words of Pope Francis who once again motivates us to follow Jesus, in spite of discomfort, and difficulties, to live the life with sense and passion and to be prophets of fraternity and dialogue in a world where there is more and more confrontation.  

We have also been in our Generalate in Rome where we have continued to experience the sense of communion of the WYD of Cracow; Communion with our sisters, with our Family of Jesus and Mary, without knowing one another, we felt we were united by the grace of this Charism that makes us sisters and makes us cry out all together: How good God is!”

Some of the young girls from Argentina tell us:

Before going to Poland I had a completely different idea of the WYD.  I could never have imagined what I lived during those days of the WYD, to be there among so many people, singing and dancing, greeting people from countries of which I had never heard anybody speak about, it was something I cannot explain.  For me this is an unforgettable experience.  It is impressive to see the multitude of people that faith can move and everything was laughter and joy for this same reason! The words of the Pope were very encouraging for all the young people and they will always remain in my heart”. Paulina


The WYD was a new experience, unique and unexplainable.  It is almost unbelievable to see the multitude of people who share the same faith as we do.  These were  five days during which all prejudices disappeared and there was place for all persons from all over the world to be united.  Personally, this experience showed me through the words of Pope Francis that we young people are the future of this world and that if we want to change this future we have to get up from the sofa, put on the shoes and go.  I am very grateful that I was able to live this experience!” Agustina   

I am more than grateful for this unbelievable opportunity given to me to form part of the WYD.  It was a week of short moments, short encounters, filled with the desire to learn, to listen, to share our faith with persons from different countries.  One of the words which most marked this trip for me was the word “fraternity”.  And even in spite of the difference in cultures, customs, languages, we always found the way to communicate with every person: gestures, embraces, dancing and  singing, smiling; using the language of the love of God”.  Paz  

For me, to have been able to live the experience of the WYD was something unique.  This experience showed me that a brother or sister is not only the person with  whom I live from day to day, but also the one whom I may have seen only two seconds ago, we know that we have something so simple but so important in common, God.  Besides, during these days He was very present with us, in the small gestures that help us to grow as persons”. Trinidad  

The WYD was an unbelievable experience, I returned with much peace and very happy.  What surprised me the most was to become aware how faith can move frontiers, how people from all over the world were gathered together in the same place to share something so beautiful as faith.  As conclusion I keep two phrases of the Pope to put them into practice: the first one “mercy has a young face” and the second one, “we are sowers of hope!”   Montserrat

A young boy from our School in Remiremont, France, tells us:

« I think that this trip to Poland was paced by many intense moments, especially during the important gatherings such as the Mass of the Holy Father or the prayer vigil at the end! The fact of finding oneself with 2.5 millions of young people is truly an exceptional experience which has left in me unforgettable souvenirs!”  Pierre



I want to stress a gesture which attracted my attention and which was ceaselessly repeated during those days: the clashing of hands, of the one with that of another.  When the groups of young people crossed one another or met on the way, all raised their open hand to greet and to enter into contact with the others.  In this way, hands of different colors, sizes, textures… were united, accompanied by a smile on their faces… as if that brief moment expressed a desire for fraternity of always and for always— to touch, to touch one another, to be close, to build bridges…   Alejandra Diaz RJM