8th January to 8th June 2015

All the Tertians have arrived safely from their respective countries. They are 15 sisters; 9 are Spanish speaking and 6 are English speaking.

Africa:            Jeanne-Martine Toukam

Argentina:     Claudia Machado and Silvina Rodriguez

Bolivia:          Margarita Canchari and Nilza Gonzalez

Delhi:             Fatima Albert, Rose Joseph and Shalini Rawat

Mexico:          Ángela Sánchez and Felicitas Félix.

Pune:             Asha Ohol and Laila D’Souza

Spain:           Arantxa Gavilán and Inmaculada Guerra

Vadodara:     Jaitun Rathod

Sr Teresa de Jesús Plaza will accompany the Spanish speaking group and Sr Françoise Barras, the English speaking one.

IMG_1321 IMG_1317

These days, the Tertians are getting settled and next Sunday,IMG_1254 11th of January, we will have the opening Eucharist for both groups, together with the local community and the General Government. After that, each group will follow its own programme. In some occasions, the two groups will meet to share experiences and life.

IMG_1314Besides the 30 Day Spiritual Exercises and their preparation the programme includes a renewed reading of the life of Claudine, a deepening of the history of the Congregation (yesterday and today) as well as of the Constitutions; visits and experiences of different types complete the programme, everything in view of reaching the aim of Tertianship: “A fuller integration in the apostolic body of the Congregation for a greater service of the reign of God in the Church.” (Book of Formation)

In fact, the new Book of Formation gives precise and clear indications for the Tertianship. We invite you to read again this page of the Book; this will make you feel closer to us. We count on your prayer during this important stage of ongoing formation.

Sr Françoise Barras RJM