Teresa Anaya Duarte RJMSister Maria Teresa Anaya Duarte, Religious of Jesus and Mary, was born on January 7, 1945 in Mexico City.  She was the daughter of Pedro Anaya Diez de Bonilla and of Refugio Duarte Urrutia, who had six children, among whom she was the youngest: Gabriel, Elena, Juan (+), Maria, Gerardo (+) and Teresa (+).  The family was devout and Catholic and gave to the Church two sons who became Jesuits: Gabriel and Gerardo (who died recently) and two daughters who became Religious: Elena, Religious of the Sacred Heart and Teresa, Religious of Jesus and Mary.

She followed part of her basic studies in Regina School in Mexico, D.F, an Institute of the Religious of Jesus and Mary.  Later she studied Art, Bible and Theology in Rome; Normal Higher Studies in the FEP and Public Accountant in the La Salle University in Mexico.

She entered religious life in the Congregation of Jesus and Mary on December 12, 1963, pronounced her temporary vows on July 31, 1966 and her perpetual vows in 1971. Practically, she spent all her religious life carrying out the service as administrator and bursar in different works and communities.  She was Educator in Faith in Regina School; directress of High School from 1972 until 1984:  the following two years she was Mistress of the Junior Sisters in the School Claudine Thévenet, also in Mexico.

From 1974 she was Provincial bursar until 1989 when she was elected General Bursar of the Congregation, a work that she carried out with great dedication during eighteen years until 2007 in Rome, Italy.

Teresa y alumnas del MéridaShe returned to Mexico in August 2008 and was sent to the School in Merida as bursar of the community and local superior.  In August 2014 she was sent to the School of Avelino Montes Linaje, in a suburb of San Sebastian, where she was the bursar of the community.

During her life she was characterized as a woman of great foresight of the future, intelligent and practical, joyful and of good humor, human, caring, approachable, attentive to the needs of others, knowing how to listen to them with an open mind and heart, intuitive, profound and faithful; surrendered to God and dedicated to others, sensitive and affectionate, and for many people a great friend.

Besides her brother and sisters, there will be her sisters of Jesus and Mary, former pupils and friends who with great love thank the Lord for the journey shared with her.

María Luisa Achach RJM, Mexico Province

We are united in prayer for the repose of the soul of Sr. Teresa, the province of Mexico and her family. Blessings of peace,

Monica Joseph RJM. Superior General

Teresa Anaya EG 1989-1995_0001

General Council 1989-1995

Sr. Aurora Trallero, Sr. Irène Leger, Sr. María de Lourdes Rosell Sup.Gral., Sr. Judith Mary and Sr. Teresa Anaya

Teresa Anaya EG 1989-1995_0001_0001

General Council 1995-2001

Sr. Françoise Barras, Sr. Teresa Anaya, Sr. Aurora Trallero Sup.Gral., Sr. Mark Fernandes and Sr. Helen Mary Haigh

Teresa Anaya EG 1995-2001_0001

General Council 2001-2007

Sr. Carmen Aymar, Sr. Françoise Barras, Sr. Aurora Trallero Sup.Gral., Sr. Rosemary Mangan and Sr. Teresa Anaya