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«To tell our story is to praise God

and to thank him for all his gifts»

(Pope Francis to Consecrated peoples)

It is during the Year of Consecrated life, that we have had the opportunity to live the « Return to the sources » program, an international ongoing formation experience offered by the Congregation. Isn’t it a wonderful gift? We have been given the chance to “tell our story” in the light of Claudine. As we walked in her footsteps, we could make ours the sentiments of Christ as she did and deepen in the spiritual heritage that she left to us.  We, the 15 sisters of the group have reached the “stage of wisdom” in our life. We can thus re-read our history at personal, community and apostolic levels in a spirit of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord for such a gift.

Retour aux Sources group 2015

First line:  S. Maria Luisa Odriozola (Bolivie)  S. Yvette Soulard (Canada)  S. Jovita Sebastian (Delhi) S. Aurora Trallero (responsible of the  group, Fourvière) S. Maria Alcira Garcia (Argentine)

Behind: S. Carmen Ferreté (Spain) S. Jyostna Kedary (Pune)  S. Lourdes Domingo (Spain) S. Louise Turmel (Canada)  S. Mercy Ann Creado (Pune) S. Ascensión Soto (Mexico) S. Cristina Echezarreta (Africa Delegation)  S. Pauline Caffrey (Irlande)  S. Mary Langan (Pakistan)  S. Ana Maria Lacasa (Africa Delegation)  S. Sarita Emmatty (Vadodara)

From 20th September to 5th November 2015, under the maternal protection of Our Lady of Fourvière, we had the joy of following Claudine from her birth to her death. She was a woman given over to God and to her neighbors. We felt very much at home with the warm welcome we received through our sisters living in Fourvière. Our program was made of daily guidelines, reading of documents, wellorganized visits and pilgrimages under the kind guidance of Sister Aurora and Sister Claudette. We thank them wholeheartedly. They are for us a living witness of Claudine’s charism.

On 5th November, we arrived in Rome, heart of the Catholic Church and here, we have continued to deepen the spirit of Claudine in the ambiance of the Generalate.  Here, at the heart of the universal Church, we can strengthen our unity as a family and our sense of belonging to the Congregation as one Apostolic Body.  The history of Christendom that we could feel in our visits to the main places, reminds us that the Church was rooted in the blood of the martyrs and in their heroic faith in Jesus-Christ. We have seen how the Archives of the Congregation keep meticulously our own history as RJM. These treasures make it possible for us today to “look at the past with gratitude”.

« Return to the Sources » has been a time of grace from God. We are invited now to continue our journey in Claudine’s footsteps, sharing with others the joy that we have experienced.

With her, we wish to repeat «How good God is !» We ask for her motherly blessing on all those who made it possible for us to live such a unique experience: the General Government, the Generalate and its community, the Angelique and the community of Fourvière, the S. Claudette Lemyre, precious translator, all those who have collaborated in the program with Sister Aurora and our own Provinces and communities.


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