8th October

Embracing the future with hope

During these days, we are working to have an overview of the economic situation of the Congregation. Remembering that Claudine, on the night at Pierre Plantee’, felt she had undertaken “a hopeless venture” but remembering also that she trusted in Providence, we are seeking to be guided by the same Lord.


The overview will be presented by Mr. John Tortolani and Miss Kelly Murphy of BRENNER, MCDONAGH TORTOLANI, INC., and based on the previous work and information provided by all the provinces on work for vocation, financial provision for retirement and healthcare, sustaining apostolic works and communities and development.



Yesterday, we studied the reports on Delegation of Africa and the provinces of Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Delhli, Pune, Vadodara, Ireland and Mexico. The remaining provinces will be addressed today.