5th October

“Living the present with passion”


The workshop “Tools for living out community life to the full” came to a close today.  Through it we learnt ways of identifying how we react to situations and how these reactions are related to our own personal story, our way of processing information and the feelings that are generated in us as a result.

We also learnt about conflict resolution.  We defined conflict as a situation where two or more people are in disagreement due to positions, interests, aspirations, desires or needs that are incompatible or are perceived to be so.














In the evening we prepared our hearts to celebrate the anniversary of the Foundation of our Congregation by allowing ourselves to be moved, like Claudine, by the miseries of our time.

We looked on the world through the eyes of Claudine.  We contemplated…

We went out onto the streets of Rome (some of us alone, some in groups), to contemplate.  We observed people, we contemplated their faces and wondered about their realities.  We prayed for that reality through Claudine’s experience and with the words of Pope Francis as expressed in his letter to all consecrated people.

We brought the day to a close gathered together in the chapel where we shared about what had touched us during this experience.