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  1. CJM AMBALA says:

    United in spirit and prayer during this 37th General Chapter.

  2. JM Sisters of St. Anne's community, MUMBAI says:

    To Sr. Monica and each Capitular of our 37th. General Chapter,

    May God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, be with you to enlighten you, fill you with love, so that you discern God’s will and carry it out in mission, as you “journey in hope as one apostolic family”. May St. Claudine be your inspiration.

  3. CJM Keri says:

    Praying for each of the Capitulars and the Chapter proceedings.

  4. Sr.Natalina says:

    Dear Sr.Monica and each dear capitulars..God be with you, praying for all of you..

    With much love and prayers
    Sr.Natalina, Postulants, Pre Postulants and candidates

  5. CJMkohima says:

    Dear Sr. Monica and each Capitulars
    Praying for each of you and every chapter proceeding that takes place may help to grow in to One Apostolic Body. Jesus and Mary be your inspiration.
    St. Claudine and Blessed Dina Look with vigour on us.

  6. CJM Anklav says:

    May God’s Spirit be with you and guide you at this time of grace.

  7. cjm kharghar says:

    Our very dear Mother and sisters,
    In the name of the Father we join you in prayer for an out pouring of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to be of one heart and mind during the discussions, deliberations and decisions during the entire General Chapter through the Lord Jesus.May our Blessed Mother Mary , St. Claudine and Blessed Dina accompany each dear dear one.
    United with you in love and prayer each day,
    Your sisters in CJM ,

  8. CJM AGRA-3 (St Patrick's) says:

    Dear Mother General & each dear Sister at the 37th General Chapter,

    We pray to Father, Son and Spirit as we begin the CHAPTER this morning -
    to enlighten you and to be with you at every stage of the Chapter!
    May Mary, our Mother guide you!
    May you be open and receptive to what God has in store for us!
    This is our payer for you!
    Have a happy stay,
    enjoy a fruitful Chapter
    and come back – we await your return!

  9. RJMS SHIMLA says:

    Dear Sister Monica and each of the Capitulars,

    We assure you our prayerful support during these significant days of our General Chapter!
    Wishing you God’s Blessings!

    With much Love and Prayers
    Sisters of Chelsea- St. Bede’s Community.

  10. Janet Stolba says:

    United with you in the Spirit Who lives in us and directs all things through, with and in Love.
    Janet Stolba, USA

  11. sr.Agatha says:

    Dear Sister Monika and each of the Capitulars

    United with you in the Spirit. We assure you our prayers. May Holy

    Spirit guide you during this Chapter.

    With love and prayers,

    Sisters at Khandala Community- Pune

  12. Sr.Vincent Thomas says:

    United with you in spirit and prayers.
    CJM Ranaghat Community.

  13. dolores mcgee,rjm says:

    Dear Sr. Monica and all, sending you prayers as we are all united in spirit with you all.
    |ove and joy,
    Dolores rjm IRELA\ND

  14. Sr.Manjula Rathod says:

    Dear Sr.Monica and each of the Capitulars.

    Congratulations to us as we are celebrating the great event in the history of the congregation…May this Chapter be grace filled and experience of the goodness of God.
    May Claudine pray for us….

    Manjularjm _Vadodara

  15. CJM Bhurewala says:

    Dear Sr. Monica and each of the capitulars. praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on each of you. We are united with you in prayer

  16. Mariam Norick says:

    You are in our thoughts and prayers as you deliberate the future on our Congregation. Mat St. Claudine be with you as inspiration and guide.

    St. Timothy’s Convent, Rhode Island

  17. Diane Dube says:

    Thank you for sending the presentation on the provinces. They are life giving.
    We are praying with you.

    Diane, RJM
    JM Sisters in Plainville, MA

  18. JM Sisters Silchar says:

    United in prayers

  19. JM Sisters Silchar says:

    United in prayers. Thanks for all the updates that makes us throb with you How good God is

  20. Sr.Natalina says:

    Oir Hearty Congratulations to you dearest Sr.Monica
    We wish strength, serenity and prayerful support to carry on the responsibility and pray that the Lord and oir Mother Foundress to accompany you in all steps of your way.

    With love and prayers
    Sr.Natalina rjm, Postulants and Pre-Postulants
    Pune India

  21. Sr.Natalina says:

    Our Heart Congratulations to you dear Sr.Monica.
    We wish you strength, serenity and prayerful support to carry on the.responsibility and pray that the Lord and our Mother Foundress to accompany you in all the steps of your way

    Sr.Natalina, Postulants and Pre.Postulants
    Pune India

  22. sr.Agatha says:

    A hearty Congratulations to you dear Sr. Monica. We wish you God`s blessings upon you to carry this big responsibility. May St. Claudine our Foundress accompany you in your work.
    with assure you our prayers.

    Sister Agatha and community at Khandala.

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