You were given THIS LIFE, because you’re strong enough to live it.”

We the sisters of Jesus and Mary, at the Generalate were indeed happy to celebrate the 114th Birthday of our dear Mother Cecilia. On 28th March, we had two celebrations in gratitude to God for the gift of life to our dear sisters Cecilia and Berchmans.cecilia4

“Life is a gift : Never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment you are in” – Unknown.

Our dear Mother Cecilia was extremely happy to celebrate her 114th Birthday and Mother Berchmans her 86th Birthday. Together they have completed their 200 years of life… This joyous day commenced with the Eucharistic celebration offered for their intentions.cecilia1

The Festive lunch followed with the General Government, the Community, the Tertians and the student sisters of the other Congregations who are with us.

There was a great excitement in the refectory with all kinds of goodies and chocolate cake. They were overwhelmed with their gifts that they received from various communities, the family members, long-time friends and well-wishers.cecilia2

We were happy to welcome our guests who came to wish our dear sisters. Very especially, our sisters from Via Flaminia and other sisters from our neighbourhood who added to the joy of our sisters chatting over a cup of coffee.

Indeed, this day was a memorable day for our sisters and their joys had no bound with all the prayers, celebrations, gifts, friends and the surprises that they received on this blessed day. May our Good Lord bless them  as they continue to sing His praises till the end of their lives.